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Vass Cipő

The "Budapester Handmade Shoes", produced in Europe for the last hundred of years, are very well known as one of the highest quality of old style fashion business shoes you can get.

Two famous companies "Vass" and "Dinkelacker" are still producing this traditional Budapester Shoe in the Hungarian Capital.

The owner of "VASS SHOES"is Laszlo VASS, a native of Budapest who is well known around the world as the last "Budapester Shoeman." He continues the old business and really knows everything about shoemaking. He has a lot of positive press about his handmade manufacturing (TV , magazines)all Around the world and has written a book about his work and the traditional shoemaking.

Heinrich Dinkelacker, the other company, was founded in 1879 in Germany. For more than 50 years they are producing their shoes in Budapest which are handmade and in different kinds of models. 

The original Budapester Shoes are 100% handmade. Each shoe is manufactured in a process consisting of about 300 individual steps and 40 hours. So it is easy to understand the high price.

Léber Barbara

Barbara Léber is the Lady of wonderful couture dresses.  She encourages women, who are substantial, display eternal values and accept their femininity proudly, to wear her dresses so reflecting Barbara’s own value system and unmistakable style. Barbara Léber is the founding member of the Alliance of First Hungarian Fashion Designers. Premium Saloon Barbara Léber has been presented in the first line of Hungarian fashion life for more than ten years that has been dressing diplomats, businesswomen, stars, models and performers.


NEROLI Luxury Perfumery • The Most Beautiful Fragrances of the World
Artistic perfumes in Hungary’s first ever luxury perfumery at Regiposta St., downtown Budapest. NEROLI presents perfume specialties from Paris, London and Florence: creations of exclusive perfume houses not made to subserviently meet the needs of the masses. We are the local representative of Amouage, the most valuable perfumes of the world, Montale that contains the mystic oud oil and the Parisian cult-brand, the now world-famous diptyque. Uniquely, we offer the option of ordering samples from our variety of perfumes.

In addition to artistic perfumes, there are wonderful perfume lamps in the Home fragrances section, a variety of hairbrushes that represent the top in hair grooming, beautiful make-up collections, accessories for traditional shaving, special tooth brushes, and clean skincare products - especially REN - under the different tabs. You can navigate between the sections using the buttons on the left; you can get help from the recommended perfumes for men and women in the right-hand corner, and the perfume selection button on the left.

If you wish to get first-hand information, subscribe to our newsletter at the top of the screen. If you want to visit us in person, the enchanting NEROLI perfumery awaits you at 19 Regiposta St., downtown Budapest.[lang]=en


Miklos Varga and his craftmanship is well-known across Europe.
After he had mastered working with silver, during his 35-year career he became a master in working with precious metals of all sorts and has fashioned uniquely designed and incomparable perfect masterpieces.
By now Varga Design is a dynamic and creative team of young artists and masters taking distinctive and significant role in the Hungarian jewellery design.

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